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Performance Dogs in Action lost a great dog, Anthony Cheung's Vizsla, Legend.
He was PDIA's most decorated NADAC AgilityTrial Champion, having earned 3 Regular & 2 Versatility NATCH's, putting them in the NADAC Hall of Fame 5 NATCH Club! He & Anthony are also in the NADAC Hall of Fame being among a select group of teams having earned their Elite Triple Superior Award & Elite Superior Versatility Award! Legend & Anthony only went to the NADAC Championships once, in 2012, (though they qualified most years) and they earned a Q in every run including the Final!
But not only were Anthony & Legend an amazing agility team, most of us at PDIA will remember Legend as the sweetest soul & one of Nola's favorite dogs! Our prayers & thoughts go out to Anthony for the loss of his soulmate, Legend.


We are now a Sutter SPCA Donation Drop-Off Location!


What we offer:

  • Agility Lessons

  • Herding Lessons with Sheep, Ducks & Geese

  • Obedience Classes

  • Rally

  • Lure Coursing

  • Workshops, Clinics, Seminars & Trials

  • Facility Rental including Dock Jumping practice

  • Quonset Hut Rental

  • Educational Camps and Field Trip Programs

  • Daycare for up to 4 dogs weekly


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