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Fun at the Farm
Performance Dogs in Action combines the relationship and drive of your dog into fun and better communication skills. We offer a variety of learning opportunities for dogs of all levels and breeds.
"Nola's ranch, training and guidance has provided a fun and safe environment for my dog to learn and grow. It's been amazing to watch and be a part of. I highly recommend."

- Monica, Roseville, CA
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We're committed to a positive experience
The bond between a dog and their owner is a strong one. Training allows a productive and  positive synergy between the two parties and engages your dog on a new physical and mental level. Having the right trainer and the right training environment is critical. Here is our philosophy:


...create the mutual respect and adoration for dog and handler. The two must become one team.

...keep dog and handler on a comfort level that makes learning fun and playful. Show the dog.

...keep dog and handler safe.

...handle and show various breeds and venues.

...know about the health issues of growing dogs, older dogs, sports injuries, prevention and cures.

...have many training techniques because different dogs learn in different ways. Ultimately the dog performs skills with vigor and enthusiasm. a good listener and good reader to body language of the dog. Teach the dog to listen, think, and respond without using gimmicks or training aids.

...respect concerns of dogs and owners.

...provide a family environment with dog lovers coming together, supporting one another with a positive attitude, praise, and adoration!

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It is with a broken heart that we at New Leash on Life said "Goodbye" to our beloved board member, Linda George. Linda served for 8 years on the board of directors of New Leash on Life. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 9 years ago. Linda's dedication to helping those at New Leash was personal because of her own ongoing battle with cancer. Even on occasions following her chemo treatments she still felt compelled to serve and cook to provide a nice meal for others for that day's event. Linda saw to all the cost and prep for all the meals for Salute to Veterans, Hot Artist Nights, Kids Day, Iron Dog special birthday, and often fed the board of directors during long hours and meetings! 
 Linda was a hard worker, problem solver and a dedicated friend. We will miss her terribly. Our heartfelt sympathies to her lifetime partner and wife, Kris Patche, and all her family and friends.