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For Puppies
AGILITY : The fastest growing sport dogs LOVE!
Types of Classes Offered
The agility course provides a positive training program where handler and dog become one. We teach communication skills, directional control, weave poles, contacts and proper jumping skills.

We welcome junior and veteran handlers. Both small group classes and on-site private lessons available.

Dog and handler will learn jumps, tunnels, inclines, seesaw, chutes and weave poles through the duration of their training. 
Adult AGILITY CLASSES and waitlist currently full for 2022

Puppy agility drop-in class on Saturdays is still open for ages 3-6 months

Puppy Introduction   (3 to 6 months)
Basic obedience to focus on handler, socialization, begin groundwork and home skills, tunnels, chutes, and planks. 
Low level/soft pitched equipment work, contact zones, start line techniques, crossovers for handlers. All equipment presented, without jump bars or training equipment on high inclines.

For puppy enrollment only, text Nola (916) 655-1558
Adult Dogs Introduction   (15 months or older)
Ideal for new handlers and dogs never exposed to agility.

Learns jumping skills, basic agility, all equipment with bars and moving up to height inclines. Begins to learn contact zones, start line techniques and beginning crossovers
Adult Dogs 101
Dogs and handlers begin sequencing, finish learning all types of crossovers, begin distance control. Learn to perfect equipment like the weaves and see-saw.

For adult agility enrollment, text or call Kevin at (530) 400-0787
Intermediate Agility
Improves Directional Control, increases distances and sequencing with sending skills. Body language skills are personalized to aid moving with dog through a course. 
Advanced Agility
Perfecting directional controls: Ins, Outs, Call Offs, discriminations, switches, grouping sequences, distance control. Working with trial distractions. Learning various games of agility.

For adult agility enrollment, text or call Kevin at (530) 400-0787
Adult Introduction
Adult Intermediate & Advanced
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No matter your skill level or your familiarity with canine agility, we have a place for you!
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