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HERDING: Drawing on the breed's instincts
Testing Your Dog's Herding Instinct
Learn from the ground up. Nola will teach a strong herding foundation beginning with an instinct test. We offer small arenas to begin your journey in herding along with sheep that are trained to start new dogs. It is not about yelling but rather good position and technique to build your dog's confidence. 

Nola can teach you how to handle for trials or she can handle for you.  She is an AHBA herding judge and is familiar with many breeds of herding dogs. She has had, and trained, AHBA herding champions. Lessons are offered with a variety of stock including sheep, goats, ducks and geese.
Herding Classes

Fridays  10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Drop In Herding & Instinct Evaluation
Sundays   10:00 am - noon
(PDIA closed 1st Sunday of the month)

$35.00 for drop-in
$35.00 for instinct evaluation

Prices vary based on arena size and private training vs self-guided practice. See Nola for details.

New students will need to schedule an assessment. Text Nola for an appointment at (916) 655-1558
Most owners have not had an evaluation of instinct on their dog. We offer herding assessments and instinct testing on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment. Puppies can be tested as early as 6 months old on both sheep and geese.

A herding instinct test involves one of PDIA's herding instructors taking your dog into a small arena with well behaved sheep and observing how your dog reacts. We evaluate his/her reaction to the stock, does s/he recognize them as things to be herded and how does s/he approach that task. We'll discuss that with you and give you options on how and if you'd like to proceed. 

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We have open herding at PDIA on Sundays (except the first Sunday of each month) from 9:30am to noon. This time is used for instinct tests and regular lessons. We work with everyone who arrives before noon even if we run past that time. 

Be sure to call the main phone number, 916-655-1558, before you come out. Although we plan to be herding on Sundays, occasionally weather, trials and emergencies can cause us to cancel the event.

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