Performance Dogs in Action
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Let the chase begin!! Originally intended for sighthounds, many varieties of dogs enjoy the run. This activity simulates chasing a rabbit through a field however in lieu of a rabbit, Performance Dogs utilizes white plastic bags attached to a pulley system.

The course is set in the 6 acre back field, harnessed to 
a machine-powered artificial lure. Dogs run and chase 
the lure over the grounds. This proves great exercise
and fun for dogs of all breeds. 

Our lure course is one of the few available in the Central  
Valley and is available for special events. It is only set up 
twice a month (2nd & 4th Sundays). 

Call the main recording prior to departure 
to ensure no cancellations have occurred.
Performance Dogs in Action  |  916-655-1558  |  copyright 2016

Once a month - see calendar
10:00 am to Noon
hours extended if interested participants

$5 per run / per dog

Mike Ellison is the lure course operator. Join his mailing list to gain updates.

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